Online Fair “Days of International Education Poland” - October 17, 18, 19, 20

Here at Baltic Council for International Education we always seek to adapt to the changing environment, make the best of every situation and implement new and innovative solutions. It is therefore our great pleasure to invite you to the online fairs Days of International Education - a unique opportunity to connect with thousands of students across Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary and other countries.

Our online fairs are not just about organizing a couple of meetings with prospective students, local educational institutions and agencies. This is a whole process, starting from information and ending with applications. This is why the motto of our fairs is “From Information to Application”.

Within this process you will go through several stages (Information, Presentation, Communication, Application) benefitting from the opportunity to represent your institution and study programmes to your target groups, to promote your brand name, to get leads and contact details of the visitors, to organize individual meetings during and after the fair, including the support of Baltic Council professional consultants. The main aim of this process is to gain maximum results leading to new student applications.

During the whole process the participants will be supported by intensive promotion campaign including leading mass media, social networks, local educational institutions, teachers, companies and organizations.

In addition to this a textual description, promo video, brochures, flyers, contact details of your institution will be published in the participant dedicated page in our website and will be available during the following several months after the fair.

Become a part of the Baltic Council Online Fairs – the leading study abroad events in Europe!

Education providers from all over the world offering undergraduate & postgraduate programmes, secondary, high school & foundation programmes, vocational training, language courses for different age and target groups, service providers and sponsors.


1. An Information stage
During the Information stage of the fair, which starts 4-5 weeks prior to the event and is supported by intensive and massive advertising campaign, visitors will get acquainted with the fair participants and have an opportunity to ask additional questions, by contacting the representatives of the participating education providers and / or our professional consultants.
Each participant will be offered a PARTICIPANT DEDICATED PAGE in our homepage  where the textual profile containing general information and main advantages (150-200 words), downloadable files (brochures, flyers, etc), a link to promotional video and other useful information will be published.

2. A Presentation stage
This stage is taking place during the announced fair’s dates. The participants can choose suitable time slots from 14.00 till 20.00 (subject to availability) to run a webinar or online presentation including questions / answers. The event will be based on a ZOOM platform with the unlimited reach of visitors – over 1000 people. Each participant will get contact details of the students registered to his/her online meeting.

3. A Communication stage
This stage includes communication with prospective students after the fair, including organizing of individual meetings by means of Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or other platforms. The main goal is to answer all additional questions and start an application process.

4. An Application stage
The last stage when students can apply to educational institutions directly or using the assistance of Baltic Council professional consultants.

If you require additional information about Baltic Council Online Fairs, please contact us at .



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