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We are very pleased to invite you to participate in the Baltic Council International Online Higher Education Fair Poland - the most productive and successful student recruitment event in the region!

Based on the concept of 4 stages (Information, Presentation, Communication, Application) Baltic Council Higher Education Fair Poland will grant a unique opportunity to connect with thousands of prospective students across the country.
Each participant will benefit from the opportunity to represent the institution and study programmes to the target groups, to promote the brand name, to get leads and contact details of the visitors, to organize individual meetings during and after the fair, including the support of Baltic Council professional consultants. The main aim of this process is to gain maximum results leading to new student applications.

- With a population of approximately 38 million people, Poland is the sixth most populous member state of the EU and with the economy developing so rapidly there is a huge demand for study abroad programs.

- According to statistics of OECD there are already over 48 thousand Polish students studying abroad.

- Number of people choosing international education is growing and there is no doubt that this trend will only continue. Poland has shown the strongest growth among the top EU countries sending students to British universities.

- Erasmus+ as the biggest student exchange program has been chosen by over 23.000 Polish students so far.  

- There are 44 schools which offer IB programs in Poland. The number of students graduating from such program has been systematically increasing since 1995, when the first IB program was launched. Every year hundreds of young people look for the best opportunities to study at universities abroad.

- There are about 80 000 international students in Poland and many of them consider further education abroad including Bachelor, Master and MBA programs.

- Online education fairs grant an opportunity to focus on the whole country and not to be limited to particular cities / regions reaching maximum effect and providing an incredibly valuable opportunity for education providers to present themselves.

- We are experienced in promoting education abroad – 27 years spent on researching offers of education providers, talking to their representatives, visiting educational institutions and gaining the knowledge about various programs.

- We are proactive – we make sure that your offer reaches all potential customers. We do it by means of social media, advertising, but also through a direct contact with students, finding them at schools, inviting to our office for seminars or by organizing online webinars. Our experienced educational consultants, who are graduates of foreign universities will follow up all your leads after the events in Polish.