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March 2023

1. Westonbirt Summer School (Great Britain)
2. Pickering College (Canada)    
3. H-Farm International School (Italy)    
4. CATS Global Schools (Great Britain, China)
5. LEAF Academy (Slovakia)
6. Cardiff Sixth Form College (Great Britain)
7. Dusemond Study Programmes (Great Britain)
8. Foxcroft Academy (USA)
9. Kensington Park School (Great Britain)
10. Christ’s Hospital School (Great Britain)    
11. TASIS The American School in England (Great Britain)
12. Frensham Heights School (Great Britain)
13. Taunton School (Great Britain)
14. International House London (Great Britain)
15. Giggleswick School (Great Britain)
16. Wimbledon School of English (Great Britain)
17. Rahn Education Campus im Stift Neuzelle (Germany)
18. Wycliffe College (Great Britain)
19. Ashford School (Great Britain)
20. St Edmund’s School (Great Britain)
21. Stamford Endowed Schools (Great Britain)
22. The English Language Centres Schools (Great Britain)
23. Abbey DLD Group of Colleges (Great Britain)
24. Bede’s Summer School (Great Britain)
25. Immerse Education (Great Britain, Australia)
26. Spark School (Great Britain)
27. American International School Salzburg (Austria)
28. Braemar College (Canada)
29. Capital School of English Bournemouth (Great Britain)
30. Phoenix Magnet Academy (Canada)
31. Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate (Great Britain)
32. Elac Study Vacations (Great Britain)
33. Rendcomb College (Great Britain)
34. Rossall School (Great Britain)
35. Berlin Brandenburg International School (Germany)
36. Academic Summer / Academic Camp (Great Britain, Canada, Germany)
37. Malvern St James Girl’s School (Great Britain)
38. SEK International Schools (Spain, Ireland, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia)
39. Concord College (Great Britain)
40. Kings Education (Great Britain, USA)
41. Future Learning Language School (Ireland)
42. Babel Academy of English (Ireland)
43. Mount St Mary's College (Great Britain)
44. Rochester Independent College (Great Britain)
45. Institut auf dem Rosenberg (Switzerland)
46. Inspired Education Group (UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal)
47. Meridian Group (Latvia)
48. Baltic Council for International Education (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary)



1. Woodhouse Grove School (Great Britain)
2. King’s Ely (Great Britain)
3. Mount Kelly (Great Britain)
4. Stiftung Louisenlund (Germany)
5. Westbourne School (Great Britain)
6. Etherton Education (Great Britain)
7. Brillantmont International School (Switzerland)
8. College Saint Charles (Switzerland)
9. St Edmund's College (Great Britain)
10. Bristol International College (Great Britain)
11. Taunton School (Great Britain)
12. Bosworth Independent College (Great Britain)
13. Concord College (Great Britain)
14. American International School Salzburg (Austria)
15. The Lady Elizabeth School (Spain)
16. Kingswood School (Great Britain)
17. Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate (Great Britain)
18. Berlin Brandenburg International School (Germany)
19. St Michael’s School (Great Britain)
20. Schule Schloss Stein (Germany)
21. United Learning (Great Britain)
22. Amerigo Education (USA)
23. Royal Russell School (Great Britain)
24. Shrewsbury School (Great Britain)
25. Ruthin School (Great Britain)
26. Academic Summer (Great Britain, Canada)
27. Inspired Education Group (Great Britain, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Latvia, Germany)
28. Abbey DLD Group of Colleges (Great Britain)
29. EtonX (Great Britain)
30. Tettenhall College (Great Britain)
31. Rye St Antony (Great Britain)
32. A British Exam Centre
       Cambridge English
33. Meridian Group - Study in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
34. Baltic Council for International Education  (Study Abroad, UCAS Information Centre)



1.    Sidcot School (Great Britain)
2.    Wells Cathedral School (Great Britain)
3.    Ashford School (Great Britain)
4.    Loughborough Grammar School (Great Britain)
5.    Badminton School (Great Britain)
6.    King’s Ely (Great Britain)
7.    Abbey DLD Group of Colleges (Great Britain)
8.    Rishworth School (Great Britain)
9.    Strathallan School (Great Britain)
10.    Fulford Preparatory College (Canada)
11.    Mount Kelly (Great Britain)
12.    Leighton Park School (Great Britain)
13.    TASIS The American School in England (Great Britain)
14.    The Lady Elizabeth School (Spain)
15.    Columbia International College (Canada)
16.    UKiset – The UK Independent Schools’ Entry Test (Great Britain)
17.    Blyth Academy (Canada)
18.    Royal Russell School (Great Britain)
19.    Etherton Education (Great Britain)
20.    Northland Scholars Academy (USA)
21.    BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School (Germany)
22.    St Edmunds College (Great Britain)
23.    The Royal Masonic School for Girls (Great Britain)
24.    Woodhouse Grove School (Great Britain)
25.    The Royal Hospital School (Great Britain)
26.    Institut Montana Zugerberg (Switzerland)
27.    Stiftung Louisenlund (Germany)
28.    Le Regent Crans-Montana College (Switzerland)
29.    Academic Summer (Great Britain)



1. Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate (Great Britain)
2. American Hebrew Academy (USA)
3. North Cedar Academy (USA)
4. American Academy (Cyprus)                                    
5. Bromsgrove School (Great Britain)                            
6. Sidcot School (Great Britain)
7. Wells Cathedral School (Great Britain)
8. Tettenhall College (Great Britain)
9. Earlscliffe (Great Britain)                                            
10. Etherton Education (Great Britain)
11. St John’s School (Great Britain)
12. Royal Russell School (Great Britain)                       
13. Mander Portman Woodward (Great Britain)
14. Hampshire Collegiate School (Great Britain)
15. Academic Summer (Great Britain)
16. Ashford School (Great Britain)
17. BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School (Germany)
18. Rochester Independent College (Great Britain)