Terms and Conditions

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1. The Organizer
SIA „Baltic Council”, registration Nr: 41203037717, VAT Nr LV41203037717, address: 17, Kuldīgas str., Ventspils, LV 3601, Latvia.                  

2. The Participant
Any institution, applying to participate in the international education abroad fair  (hereinafter – Fair) organized by SIA "Baltic Council" as participant or co-participant. 

3. Application procedure
The Participant applies for participation in the fair by completing the online Application Form and forwarding it to the Organizer. 
4. Exposition at the fair
The exposition area of each participant consists of a table, four chairs (2 from each side) and one table behind for promotional materials. Wifi and electricity is provided at each workplace.  
5. Delivery of promotion materials 
The Participant must employ courier service to deliver materials to the fair venues according to the details provided by the Organizer.  The organizer of the fair is not responsible for any loss, damage, late arrival of any materials sent directly to the fair’s venues. 
6. Fees
The participation fee includes: participation in the fair, information in the fair’s guide, exposition area with electricity and Wi-Fi, lunch (snacks), evening receptions with dinners, fair’s promotion campaign in local mass media, participant’s badge containing the name of the institution and the name/surname of the representative. The Organizer retains the right to provide the discounted early bird rates and any other special fees to a particular Participant.
If the Participant is a VAT tax registered company, VAT tax is included in the participation fees. If the Participant is not a VAT tax payer the Organizer will add the 21 % tax surcharge to the participation fees according to VAT tax regulations of the European Union. Accommodation is booked at extra fees according to the rates noted in the application form.  Accommodation services are not subject to 21 % VAT surcharge. 
7. Payment 
Participation and accommodation fees as well as other related services are confirmed after the Participant has paid fully for the participation, accommodation services and other related services according to the invoice forwarded to the Participant and according to the payment deadline set by the Organizer.
All payments should be made in currency stated in the invoice.
The Participant should cover all bank charges and other fees associated with the payment.
The Organizer has a right to cancel participation of the Participant and all booked services if any of the payment terms and schedules are violated and / or delayed.
If the participant does not arrive to the fair without a preliminary written notice to the Organizer, the Participant should cover all expences associated with its participation according to the invoices issued by the Organizer. 
8. Cancellation policy 
The Participant may cancel the participation in the fair by issuing a written notice to the Organizer by e-mail. The following cancellation policy is applied to both participation in the fair and other associated services such as accommodation, advertising, etc.
The Participant is entitled to changes of the reservation and cancellation without any sanctions as follows:
60 days prior to arrival 80% of the total amount;                                  
59 - 30 days prior to arrival up to 60% of the total amount;                     
29 - 15 days prior to arrival up to 30% of the total amount;                     
14 - 3 days prior to arrival up to 10% of the total amount;                       
2 - 0 days prior to arrival 0% of the total amount.       

9. Special offers' cancellation policy
If 50 % discount is applied to the Participant on the participation fees in the "Exclusive Secondary Focus Fair" and if the Participant has already booked and paid in full for the participation in any other Baltic Council Fairs the participation fees are not refundable.

10. Force - Majeure                
The Organizer does not take responsibility for any delay in performing or failure to perform of its obligations under these Terms & Conditions caused by matters beyond the reasonable control (Force Majeure matter), such as (but not limited to) act of God, flood, drought, earthquake or other natural disaster, epidemic or pandemic, terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots, war, threat of or preparation for war, armed conflict, imposition of sanctions, embargo, or breaking off of diplomatic relations, nuclear, chemical or biological contamination or sonic boom, any law or action taken by a government or public authority (including failing to grant a necessary license or consent), compliance with government actions, collapse of buildings, fire, explosion or accident, labour or trade dispute, strikes, industrial action or lockouts, non-performance by any sub-contractors of the Organizer or by any third party, or interruption or failure of a utility service.
11. The Fair’s Guide
The Fair’s Guide is produced in English language and contains textual profiles (150 – 200 words) about each participant, as well as full page optional advert (A5 format, colored). Advertising fee in the fair's guide -  390.00 euro.
12. Direct Bookings’ Policy
All direct student bookings received by the Participant during and / or after the Fair are considered as a result of joint marketing activities of the Organizer and the Participant and are subject to commission unless other conditions are agreed between the Organizer and the Participant. 
13. Rights and obligations of the Organizer
The Organizer has a right to allocate a place for the Participant in the exhibition hall trying to comply, as far as possible, with the wishes of the Participant.  
The Organizer has a right to reject the participation of the Participant in the fair in the following cases:
- if the Participant’s activities, offers and services do not correspond to the aims and the format of the fair;  
- if the Organizer has concerns regarding good reputation of the Participant and the provided services;
- if the Participant’s participation in the fair affects further successful running and development of the fairs.  
In these cases the Organizer has a right to cancel the Participant’s participation unilaterally and without compensation to the Participant of any amounts already paid to the Organizer. 
The Organizer has a right to offer discounts to the Participant. 
The Organizer is entitled to claim compensation of losses caused by the Participant.   
The Organizer has a right to prohibit all kinds of advertising and distribution of advertising materials in the exhibition venue in case the content of the materials contradicts to EU regulations and format of the fair and can be harmful to the Organizer and visitors of the fair. 
The Organizer is not responsible for any conditions caused by force majeure circumstances as well as any losses caused by visitors and participants of the fair. 
14. Rights and obligations of the Participant
The Participant is responsible for the content of information placed in the fair’s guide and for its correspondence to EU regulations. 
The Participant has a right to use the exposition area according to the Participant’s requirements and needs, if this doesn’t contradict to the EU regulations and conditions of participation. 
The Participant has a right to claim a compensation of losses occurred due to the inobservant and malicious actions of the Organizer.  
The Participant has a right to cancel the participation in the fair by informing the Organizer in writing by e-mail. 
The Participant is obliged to compensate losses sufferred by the Organizer due to the Participant’s action and according to the invoice issued by the Organizer.  
The Participant has no right to let out the exposition area fully or partly to third parties without written approval of the Organizer. 
The Participant has no right to distribute advertising and promotional materials outside the fair's venue without written approval of the Organizer.
The Participant has no right to disassemble and leave the exposition area beyond the fair’s opening hours without notifying the Organizer in advance. 
15. Other Conditions  
These Terms & Conditions come into effect when read and agreed with by the Participant and are valid until the full completion of mutual obligations of the parties. 
Any changes and supplements to these Terms and Conditions come into effect when signed by both parties in written form. 
All disputes, associated with the implementation of these Terms & Conditions and / or application to the fair should  be solved by means of negotiations between the Organizer and the Participant. In a situation where the parties do not reach an agreement, the dispute should be solved in the court of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with the regulations and legislation of the Republic of Latvia.  
*** Some of the above mentioned clauses (exposition area, delivery of promotional materials, the fair's guide) refer to the fairs organized in face-to-face format only.